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Prayer Has Obtained the Impossible – JC Ryle

Prayer has obtained things that seemed impossible and out of reach. It has won victories over fire, air, earth, and water. Prayer opened the Red Sea. Prayer brought water from the rock and bread from Heaven. Prayer made the sun stand still. Prayer brought fire from the sky on Elijah’s sacrifice. Prayer overthrew the army of Sennacherib. Prayer has healed the sick. Prayer has raised the dead. Prayer has procured the conversion of countless souls.

– JC Ryle –

The Power of Prayer – John Bunyan

Prayer is as the pitcher that fetcheth water from the brook, therewith to water the herbs: break the pitcher and it will fetch no water, and for want of water the garden withers.

– John Bunyan –

Jesus is Our Strength and Song – Charles Spurgeon

Let this one great, gracious, glorious fact lie in your spirit until it permeates all your thoughts and makes you rejoice even though you are without strength. Rejoice that the Lord Jesus has become your strength and your song – He has become your salvation.

– Charles Spurgeon –

Love is a Work of the Spirit – John Preston

The love of God is peculiarly the work of the Holy Ghost … Therefore the way to get it is earnestly to pray. … We are no more able to love the Lord than cold water is able heat itself … so the Holy Ghost must breed that fire of love in us, it must be kindled from heaven, or else we shall never have it.

– John Preston –

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