Why Quotes?

Sometimes a quote just says it.

Many Christians feel frustrated because they don’t grow spiritually. Deeper Christian equips Christians to understand the Word of God and cultivate a passionate love for Jesus that turns the world upside down.

And we love quotes.

In our fast-paced and info-obsessed world, sometimes you need the nugget of a thought boiled down into a sentence or two. Hence the benefit of quotes. Short reminders of profound truths.

We’ve collected thousands of quotes and released one a day since 2011. So if you are looking for classic Christian quotes on a particular topic or from a specific person, you’ve come to the right place.

What is the Deeper Christian Life?

Throughout Christian history, the Deeper Christian Life has been called by other names, such as the Exchanged Life, the Victorious Christian Life, the Spirit-Filled (or Spirit-Led) Life, the Indwelling Life of Christ, the Fellowship of the Burning Heart, or the Narrow Way of the Cross.

Simply put, the Deeper Christian Life is a life focused on, filled with, and dependent upon Jesus Christ. It is a purposeful progression to ever-increasing intimacy and oneness of relationship with the God of the universe. It is being filled with and sourced by the Spirit of God. It is plunging headlong into the endless depths of Jesus, desiring more and more of Him.

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Deeper Christian Quotes is a ministry extension of Deeper Christian and delivers daily quotes, sayings, and musings from the heroic Christians of yesteryear and today. It is our desire for these quotes to challenge, encourage, and cheer you ever deeper into Jesus Christ and the Message of the Cross.

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