Let Us Remember … – Athanasius

Let us remember the poor, and not forget kindness to strangers; above all, let us love God with all our soul, and might, and strength, and our neighbour as ourselves.

– Athanasius –
(296-373 AD)

The Body Of The Word – Athanasius

The body of the Word, then, being a real human body, in spite of its having been uniquely formed from a virgin, was of itself mortal and, like other bodies, liable to death. But the indwelling of the Word loosed it from this natural liability, so that corruption could not touch it. Thus it happened that two opposite marvels too place at once: the death of all was consummated in the Lord’s body; yet, because the Word was in it, death and corruption were in the same act utterly abolished.

– Athanasius –

June 25, 2014

[Jesus] accepted a decaying body so that decaying bodies might put on immortality.

– Athanasius –