Stephen Manley

The Driving Force Of Our Lives – Stephen Manley

Christianity is not a mere correction of some activities in our lives. It is completely beyond a token attendance to a different organization. There is a ‘signing up’ taking place. It is a change in location from one group to another group. ‘Jesus’ is our new location. We change our focus to Him. What motivates us is now Him. Jesus is the all-encompassing driving force of our lives.

– Stephen Manley –

November 7, 2013

The message is not just a spoken message but also a demonstrated message.

– Stephen Manley –

May 26, 2012

This is what is so unique about the kingdom of heaven. In other kingdoms, the kings rule from without. Jesus rules from within [us]. Other kings are satisfied as we supply them; Jesus wants to supply us. Other kings desire that we defend them; Jesus wants to be our defense. Other kings want us to serve them; Jesus wants to serve through us. In our absolute poverty, helplessness, we have nothing to offer Him. He can be our total supply and source His life through us. The only blockade to this relationship is our own self-sourcing.

– Stephen Manley –
from “The Poor” (Matthew 5:3)

May 24, 2012

Does your one goal, one drive, all of your plans day and night focus on how to redeem your world? What you cry about, what upsets you, your tiredness, is it all focused on the one thing that beats in the heart of God? Do you see every person with the question of how you can be a redemptive force in their lives? Is every situation of your life viewed with a focus on redemption for the world? May I boldly say that if this is not true for you, you have missed the impact of the Gospel of Matthew and especially this initial call to His disciples [Matthew 4.19].

– Stephen Manley –
from his chapter “A Call to Continuity” in Commentary on Matthew 3-4

March 14, 2012

Self-sourcing asks, “How can I use you?” Spirit-sourcing asks, “How can I minister to you?” Self-sourcing sees inconvenience. Spirit-sourcing sees opportunities. Self-sourcing protects and guards. Spirit-sourcing flows and gives. Self sourcing is demanding; Spirit-sourcing is giving. I become the answer to the needs of your life, because He is the answer to the needs of my life.

– Stephen Manley –
from Eating at the Cross (Acts 2.42)

October 5, 2011

My entire energy must be spent on seeking Him; there must be no other concentration.

– Stephen Manley –

June 13, 2011

Love flows aggressively into the world through servanthood. Every time you get next to the heartbeat of God, it will spill out to the world in aggressive servanthood…. Not what we do for Him but what He does through us.

– Stephen Manley –