T. (Theodore) Austin-Sparks

Settler or Pioneer? – T. Austin-Sparks

The whole history of the Church is one long story of this tendency to settle down on this earth and to become conformed to this world, to find acceptance and popularity here and to eliminate the element of conflict and of pilgrimage. That is the trend and the tendency of everything. Therefore outwardly, as well as inwardly, pioneering is a costly thing.

– T. Austin-Sparks –

Jesus Cannot Be Understood Apart from the Cross – T. Austin-Sparks

It is of far-reaching importance and vital consequence to recognize that the Person of our Lord cannot really be known and understood apart from the Cross. It is equally of consequence to realize that the Cross is only really understood and adequately appreciated when the Person of Christ is discerned. These two work hand-in-hand and are mutually dependent.

– T. Austin-Sparks –