May My Time Be Used to the Advantage of Christ – Thomas Chalmers

Pray that the brief remaining time I have in this world may be employed to the best advantage, both for the profit of my own soul and for that of others. More especially may the time spent in company be laid out for Christ, and not lost in the common-places and frivolities of ordinary conversation. May my speech be leavened with religion and yet be adapted to the peculiarities and the needs of every man, so that all offence may, when possible, be shunned, yet many be won to the faith and the following of Jesus.

– Thomas Chalmers –
from Sabbath Scripture Readings

Talk of God’s Goodness – Charles Spurgeon

If you abundantly talk of God’s goodness, you are sure to benefit your neighbors. Many are comforted when they hear of God’s goodness to their friends.

– Charles Spurgeon –
from Spurgeon on Praise

Behold How He Loves Us – George Whitefield

Press them to believe on Him immediately, intersperse prayers with your exhortations preacher and thereby call down fire from heaven even the fire of the Holy Ghost, speak every time my dear brother as if it were your last, weep out if possible every argument and as it were compel them to cry “behold how he loveth us”!

– George Whitefield –

The Mark of True Gospel Preaching – Charles Spurgeon

“Let this be to you the mark of true gospel preaching—where Christ is everything, and the creature is nothing; where it is salvation all of grace, through the work of the Holy Spirit applying to the soul the precious blood of Jesus.”

– Charles Spurgeon –

Jesus and Him Crucified – Charles Spurgeon

As for myself, I can truly say that Jesus Christ and Him crucified is the sum of all knowledge to me. He is the highest intellectualism! He is the grandest philosophy to which my mind can attain! He is the pinnacle that rises loftier than my highest aspirations and deeper than this great Truth of God I wish never to fathom! Jesus Christ and Him crucified is the sum total of all I want to know and of all the Doctrines which I profess and preach!

– Charles Spurgeon –
from his sermon: Christ Crucified

Keep Within The Limits of Christ – Charles Spurgeon

Keep within the limits of Christ, and Him crucified, and you have brought before men all the essentials for this life and for the life to come! You have given them the root out of which may grow both branch and flower and fruit of holy thought, word and deed.

– Charles Spurgeon –
from his sermon: The Man of One Subject

Honor to Preach the Gospel – Richard Wurmbrand

When I received my first invitation to preach at a university and was asked what my honorarium would be, I answered, “It is honor enough to preach the Gospel. I can’t see why an honorarium is needed. Where I come from, the honorarium for telling the story of Christ is twenty-five years in prison. If you witness for Him in jail, it is twenty-five sticks. I will speak without honorarium.” The invitation was canceled. I was considered a nut.

– Richard Wurmbrand –