Seek God Alone – John Wesley

Seek God Alone – John Wesley

In using all means, seek God alone. In and through every outward thing, look only to the power of His Spirit, and the merits of His Son.

– John Wesley –

Mirroring Christ – Robert Murray M’Cheyne

Mirroring Christ – Robert Murray M’Cheyne

Our soul should be a mirror of Christ; we should reflect every feature: for every grace in Christ there should be a counterpart in us.

– Robert Murray M’Cheyne –
from a letter he wrote February 26, 1840

Imitate My Life – Charles Spurgeon

What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you. (Philippians 4:9 ESV) – It is well when a man can with advantage be so minutely copied as Paul might have been. Oh, for grace to imitate him this day and every day!

– Charles Spurgeon –
from the book Faith’s Checkbook

Time for everything but prayer – Oswald Smith

Oh, how few find time for prayer! There is time for everything else—time to sleep and time to eat, time to read the newspaper and the novel, time to visit friends, time for everything else under the sun—but no time for prayer, the most important of all things, the one great essential!

– Oswald Smith –

The Hardest Thing in Your Life – Lilias Trotter

Take the very hardest thing in your life – the place of difficulty, outward or inward, and expect God to triumph gloriously in that very spot. Just there He can bring your soul into blossom.

– Lilias Trotter –

Run the Race and Don’t Be Lazy – Basilea Schlink

Do not be lazy. Run each day’s race with all your might, so that at the end you will receive the victory wreath from God. Keep on running even when you have had a fall. The victory wreath is won by him who does not stay down, but always gets up again, grasps the banner of faith and keeps on running in the assurance that Jesus is Victor.

– Basilea Schlink –