December 2, 2013

by | December 2, 2013

Christ Himself is [the Christian’s] life and his power of life. Yet, because this mighty life is not visible or cannot be felt, the young Christian often becomes doubtful. He then fails to believe that he will grow with divine power and certainty. He does not understand that the believing life is a life of faith. He must depend on the life that is in Christ for him, although he neither sees, feels, nor experiences anything … Therefore, my young disciples in Christ, learn to receive God’s Word trustfully. Even though at first you do not understand it, continue to meditate on it. It has a living power in it, and it will glorify itself. Although you feel no power to believe or to obey, the Word is living and powerful. Take it and hold it fast. It will accomplish its work with divine power. The Word inspires and strengthens our faith and obedience.

– Andrew Murray –