Empty to Restore Life – Jim Elliot

by | June 7, 2018

Naomi had to become empty before God could restore life (1:21, 4:15). The weakness of two widows at the mercy of God He uses to give ancestry to great David and David’s Lord. Naomi’s tendency was to become embittered at her loss, not knowing this was God’s way to make Hi and her name remembered (4:11) in Israel. How like Orpah I am prone to kiss, to display full devotion and turn away; how unlike Ruth, cleaving and refusing to part except at death (1:14-17). Eternal Lover, make Thou Thyself inseparable from my unstable soul. Be Thou the object bright and fair to fill and satisfy the heart. My hope to meet Thee in the air, and never more from Thee to part!

– Jim Elliot –
from his Journals