Improve the Present Moment (Poem)

by | August 23, 2018

Improve the present moment! Why delay?
Why wait tomorrow when you have today?
Why plan for something that is hours hence?
You own no future hour—come, friend, commence!
Now is the time for working—now, right now—
Work in the present moment, never bow
To some dim future with its beckoning hand.
Your promise is the present—take command!
Grip your life, and hold with strength your mind.
Know your purpose, leave all doubts behind.
Wait not a moment though the skies be grey.
Wait not tomorrow–make your start today!
Now is the time to toil to gain a crown;
Put in your best endeavor, cast sin down.
Wait not till feet stumble on the mountain dark.
Up! Gird your loins tighter; press for the mark!
If you would work for God it must be now;
If you would win the garlands for your brow,
Redeem the time. Know you not the time is short?
‘Tis now for Christ your labor must be wrought.
Forget the past, and live the present hour,
God has designed to test your utmost power.
Be brave today; yield not to craven fears.
Who conquers now shall rule through endless years!
– Unknown –