Jesus is the Key, the Mediator, and the Intercessor – Mendell Taylor

by | April 9, 2018

The most uncontrollable and unchanging thing on earth is the base element in human nature. Though advancement may be made in science, medicine, and standards of living, still the sinfulness of man remains the same through the centuries. The list of sins in Noah’s day, in Jesus’ day, and today are identical. However, there is a universal remedy for the problem. All can be saved to the uttermost, including those from the uttermost (the down-and-out) to the uppermost (the up-and-out)…Christ is the answer, and the only answer, to the problems of guilt and sin. He is the Door and the only Door that provides entrance to eternal life. He is the Key, and the only Key that unlocks an imprisoned world. He is the Mediator, and the only Mediator who can reconcile sinners unto God. He is the Intercessor, and the only Intercessor who can get a verdict of acquittal for the vilest transgressor.

– Mendell Taylor –