Dwight L. Moody

Take Jesus at His Word – DL Moody

I believe that a ship will carry me across the ocean, because I have tried it. But, this will not help another man who wants to go, unless he acts on my knowledge. So knowledge of Christ does not help us unless we act on it. That is what it is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. It is to act on what we believe.

As a man steps on board ship to cross the Atlantic, so we must take Christ and make a commitment of our souls to Him. He has promised to keep all who put their trust in Him. To believe on the Lord Jesus Christ is simply to take Him at His word.

– DL Moody –
from The Way to God

Jesus Gives Strength to the Weak – DL Moody

A man may say, “I have no strength.” Let him turn to Romans 5:6. “For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.” It is because we have no strength that we need Christ. He has come to give strength to the weak.

– DL Moody –
from The Way to God

Why Should God Love Us? – DL Moody

If you ask me why God should love us, I cannot tell. I suppose it is because He is a true Father. It is His nature to love; just as it is the nature of the sun to shine.

– DL Moody – 

To Understand God You Must Resemble Him – DL Moody

Those who resemble God are the most likely to understand God. If a man is not willing to turn from sin, he will not know God’s will. God will not reveal His secrets to him. But, if a man is willing to turn from sin, he will be surprised to see how the light will come in!

– DL Moody –
from The Way to God

God Gives Us Our Daily Bread – DL Moody

If God could set a table for His people in the wilderness, and feed three millions of Israelites for forty years, can he not give us our daily bread? I do not mean only the bread that perisheth, but also the Bread that cometh from above. If He feeds the birds of the air, surely he will feed his children made in His own image! If He numbers the very hairs of our head, he will take care to supply all our temporal wants.

– DL Moody –