God’s Glory

Hope is a Spark of Glory – Thomas Brooks

A Christian will part with anything rather than his hope; he knows that hope will keep the heart both from aching and breaking, from fainting and sinking; he knows that hope is a beam of God, a spark of glory, and that nothing shall extinguish it till the soul be filled with glory.

– Thomas Brooks –

Seek God – Winkie Pratney

To deliberately seek or glorify any form of guidance is an outright invitation to spiritual deception, we are not to seek or specify how God should speak, but only seek Him in any way that He wishes to make Himself known.

– Winkie Pratney –

Nothing Greater Than God – John Piper

God is the greatest thing that exists, ever has existed or ever will … for us to glory in anything else, would be sin, as there is nothing greater than God, there is no calling greater than praising God.

– John Piper –

What Are You Living For? – Ken Sande

What are you really living for? It’s crucial to realize that you either glorify God, or you glorify something or someone else. You’re always making something look big. If you don’t glorify God when you’re involved in a conflict, you inevitably show that someone or something else rules your heart.

– Ken Sande –

Single Eye for God’s Glory – Elisabeth Elliot

[Amy Carmichael’s] great longing was to have a “single eye” for the glory of God. Whatever might blur the vision God had give her of His work, whatever could distract or deceive or tempt other to seek anything but the Lord Jesus Himself she tried to eliminate.

– Elisabeth Elliot –