Needy Orphan Widow Destitute

June 4, 2014

You are not here in the world for yourself. You have been sent here for others. The world is waiting for you!

– Catherine Booth –

March 4, 2014

A heart ready to melt at the sight of human suffering and need is necessary to successful soul-winning … Where there is no real soul-burden for sinners, there will be no revival. The early Church travailed in pain for the souls of dying men.

– JW Mahood –

February 20, 2014

Yes, there lies before us a beautiful possible life – one that shall have a passion for giving: that shall be poured forth to God – spent out for man: that shall be consecrated for the hardest work and the darkest sinners.

– Lillias Trotter –

February 19, 2014

My Lord was pleased to die for my sins; why should I not be glad to give up my poor life out of love for Him.

– Girolamo Savanarola –

December 14, 2013

   Do all the good you can, 
by all the means you can,
in all the ways you can,
in all the places you can,
at all the times you can,
to all the people you can,
as long as ever you can!

– John Wesley –
rule for living

November 16, 2013

How beautiful are the arms, which have embrace Christ, the eyes which have gazed upon Christ, the lips which have spoken with Christ, the feet which have followed Christ. How beautiful are the hands which have worked the works of Christ, the feet which treading in His footsteps have gone about doing good, the lips which have spread abroad His Name, the lives which have been counted for Him.

– Christina Rossetti –

October 7, 2013

A man there was, and they called him mad; the more he gave, the more he had.

– John Bunyan –

October 6, 2013

Do not think me mad. It is not to make money that I believe a Christian should live. The noblest thing a man can do is, just humbly to receive, and then go amongst others and give.

– David Livingstone –

October 5, 2013

The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation.

– Corrie ten Boom –