Be Daring – Brother Lawrence

Be daring. None of us have a long time to live. Again, what years we have, let us live them with God. If there is any suffering, it will be sweet, even pleasant, while we are with Him. And brother, without Him the greatest pleasure you could ever have would be but anguish.

– Brother Lawrence –

Mother coming out With a Face of Moses – Esther Edwards

My Daddy conversed with me sweetly about communion with the lord as we rode on our horses through the bushes today. My Mother came out of her prayer closet and her face was shining like the face of Moses as it is everyday when she’s been alone with God.

– AW Tozer –
AW Tozer quoting a letter from Johnathan Edward’s daughter (Esther Edwards) to a friend at 9 years of age.

If Only You Will Be – Major Ian Thomas

The Lord jesus Christ wants to be to you now, all that the Father was to Him then – God; if only you will be to Him now, all that He was to the Father then – Man!

– Major Ian Thomas –

Knowing God – Leonard Ravenhill

Again I say, There is all the difference in the world between knowing the Word of God and knowing the God of the Word.

– Leonard Ravenhill –

Then Christ cries to justice – Charles Spurgeon

Then Christ cries to justice, “Find a fault in this man; I have put my robe upon him; I have washed him in my blood; I have cleansed him from his sin. All the past is gone; … As for the penalty, I have borne it myself; at one tremendous draught of love I have drunk that mans destruction dry; I have borne what he should have suffered; I have endured the agonies he ought to have endured. Justice have I not satisfied thee?

– Charles Spurgeon –

March 30, 2015

A candle that won’t shine in one room is very unlikely to shine in another. If you do not shine at home, if your father and mother, your sister and brother, if the very cat and dog in the house are not the better and happier for your being a Christian, it is a question whether you really are one.

 – Hudson Taylor –

January 20, 2015

A life spent in the service of God and in communion with him, is the most pleasant life that any one can live in the world.

– Matthew Henry –