January 12, 2014

by | January 12, 2014

There are people in the presence of God [who are there] only by a technical redemption. You see, what I worry about in this hour is that we are technically Christians, and we can prove that we are Christians. We are Christians, technically. And anybody can flip open a Greek lexicon and show you that you are a saint. But I am afraid of that kind of Christianity, because if I haven’t felt a sense of vileness by contrast with that sense of unapproachable and indescribable holiness, I wonder if I had ever been hit hard enough to really repent. And if I don’t repent, I wonder if I can believe. We are told, “Just believe it, brother. Just believe it. Now, come on, let me take your name and address. Yes, what church would you like to go to?” We have it all fixed up, my brethren. But I’m afraid our fathers knew God in a different manner than that.

– AW Tozer –